14 februari 2017
NIOD, Herengracht 380, Amsterdam

Dit is een Engelstalige bijeenkomst.

A Lecture by Professor Wendy Webster, University of Huddersfield, UK

During the Second World War, people came to Britain from all over the world as troops, war-workers, refugees and prisoners-of-war—chiefly from Europe, America and the British Empire. Between 1939 and 1945, the population of Britain became more diverse than it had ever been before. There were no precedents for the scale of movements to Britain, but when the war ended, awareness of the diverse wartime population in Britain was lost and has played little part in public memories of the war.

In this talk, Professor Wendy Webster traces some of the rich history of multinational wartime Britain. Through mixing and mingling, many people including Britons were involved in transnational communities. How did they get on with each other? What were some of the novel experiences involved in mixing across national boundaries both for the British and for those who arrived? How far did Britain live up to the image of a decent, tolerant nation that was widely disseminated in wartime?

  • Place: the meeting room (first floor) of NIOD Institute for War-, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies, Herengracht 380, 1016 CJ Amsterdam
  • Date: Tuesday, February 14, at 3:30 PM. After the lecture and discussion, drinks will be offered.
  • Organisers: NIOD and Modern History Research Group, Department of History, University of Amsterdam.
  • Please announce your intentions to come via aanmelden@niod.knaw.nl